Panjab University, Chandigarh

College Development Council

UGC Cell

It has been observed that many affiliated colleges are not applying for UGC grants and those who are applying are applying for only few grants out of the total number of available grants. This is perhaps due to lack of awareness about these grants and reluctance of some of the principals to take pains for making proposals to get such grants. Therefore a UGC - Cell was established in the office of DCDC to sensitize and encourage the principals of the affiliated colleges to avail these grants. The Principals are advised to visit the following link to see the UGC grants available for their colleges.


It is further required that a hard copy of these available grants should be made and kept in a suitable place (may be in the library) so that every teacher can have an excess to it because there are lots of grants / projects for individuals also.
Grants received by colleges during 2008-2009.